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About Samshék

  • We are a fashion forward tech brand combining innovative techniques to solve the biggest pain point of fit in the garments by using technology and AI. Our business concept is to offer inspirational fashion combined with innovation and sustainability. Being a tech based fashion house, we offer the perfect fit in garments through 3D body scanning and digital customisation (in store and online).  At Samshék we believe that every body shape should be celebrated in its own unique sense, since not every customer fits into the mainstream retail clothing chain. We value our clients and their preferences and that is reflected in the heart and soul of Samshék. We work towards zero waste policy and keep digital inventory to minimise our industrial waste. Our vision is to be at the forefront of both technology and sustainability.



Samiksha Bajaj (Co-Founder/CEO)

Independent, Innovative and Insightful. 


She stands at the forefront of the fastest moving technology wave in fashion- mass customisation. A calculated risk-taker with deep tech industry knowledge of the garment industry with an experience of 10 years in fashion. She is qualified with dual degree in MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation from London College of Fashion. 


Aiming for a vision to solve the biggest pain point of the apparel industry today- fit in the garments through technology and AI., she Co-Founded ‘Samshek’ one of the first tech start up in India in the field of fashion and garment technology.  She was also one of the first women entrepreneurs to introduce the technology of 3D body scanning to revamp the body sizing system in the country. Moreover she implemented the concept of digital customisation in the retail industry. On the sustainability front she works towards zero inventory and zero waste manufacturing and actively encourages women empowerment through social responsibilities.  



Graeme Daniel (Director)

He has worked the last 30 years operating at board level managing different domestic and international businesses of varying sizes from small private to publicly listed companies. Graeme’s breadth of experience includes planning and growth strategies, business control and reporting, corporate financing, acquisitions, negotiations, compliance, investor and third party relations and company secretarial responsibilities.Graeme originally qualified as a chartered accountant with Pricewaterhouse Coopers and has an honours degree in economics and an M.B.A. at Cranfield Business School in the U.K.


Abhishek Bajaj (Co-Founder)

He has worked in the family commodity exporting company to develop business and entrepreneurial skills, including selling, negotiation and general management. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Finance and Entrepreneurship at University of Washington, Seattle.  He adds on the creativity and vision required to make the impossible possible in this developed world.


Mike Grabham (Senior Advisor)

Curious start up guy that has been delivering revenue, new products and creative solutions in the startup/turnaround chaoss for 20+ years. He is a five time founder and is in relentless pursuit of knowing the customers better than any competitor. He recently invented a new product called the Package Guard, to help stop package theft.  He is a “make it happen” person driving growth across multiple revenue streams while inspiring and teaching employees on how to have fun And get things done, yes you can do both. He has managed marketing, product, engineering and sales staffs throughout his career. He received his MBA from Seattle University and has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, if that matters to anyone. He has contributed in his experience to Samshék and prepared it for peeping into the future.